Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held at Newstead Miners Welfare Community Centre
Tilford Road, Newstead Village on Wednesday 3rd May 2006.

Apologies for absence.
No apologies were given.

Review of the year by the Chairman.
Cllr Mrs Wise said that 2005/2006 had been a very good year for the Parish Council.

  • The Cemetery car park had been completed using a grant from the Building Better Communities initiative and Parish Council funds.
  • The allotments project was successful which had also been funded through the BBC initiative. The Chairman expressed her thanks to the group of Councillors and residents for their work in bringing these projects to a successful conclusion.
  • The skate park/BMX park had been completed and was a great success with the young people. An opening event would be organised for the end of May 2006.

The Chairman acknowledged the work of Councillors, the Clerk, members of the public and the press and thanked everyone for the support the Parish Council had been given throughout the year.

Any items that members of the public wished to discuss with Councillors.
Concern was expressed regarding the piles of soil which had been left by contractors near to the Miners Welfare. Assurances were given that the soil would be removed.

Closure of the Annual Parish Meeting.
The Chairman closed the meeting at 7.37pm.