Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in the Summit Room of Newstead Miners Welfare Community Centre
on Wednesday 6th December2006.

Present:Cllrs. P.A. Wise (Chairman), J. Booth, P. Burnham, D. Carless, W. Evans J.S. Flanders and R. Milliken.
County Councillor J. Lonergan, Borough Councillor J. McCauley, twelve members of the public and a member of the press were also in attendance.

Apologies for absence: PC Andy Vale.

Declarations of interest:Cllrs Carless, Flanders and Milliken declared an interest in item 9.1.

Approval of the Minutes of the meeting held on 1st November 2006.
The Minutes of the Parish Council meeting were approved and were signed by the Chairman after an amendment to 13.2 as follows “A scheme would use……..” and “ One site suggested was Glenalmond Park” 13.4 would become 13.3 and 13.3 would become 13.4.

Matters arising from the Minutes.

The event for the opening of the skate park had not yet taken place. This is still pending. The artwork has been completed.

There are now 3 bins at the Cemetery one of which will be placed in the old Cemetery.

A new gate to the skate park has been installed, but there are still concerns over the back exit which is being used by bikers to access the park. The crossing of the main road is dangerous. Gedling BC is liaising with the Forestry Commission over access to the woods opposite the park. This remains ongoing.

The report from Nick Crouch of Notts CC on Hopping Hill has now been received. Cllr Carless is seeking funding for Hopping Hill. There is a problem of Japanese Knotweed close to the Cemetery car park despite the efforts of the Parish Council. Quotes would be sort from specialist companies by Cllr Carless.

The Council was informed that a replacement notice board in Newstead Abbey Park has now been installed.

The roadside between Chapel Terrace and Hazelford Way is becoming narrower because of overgrown vegetation. The Clerk has contacted Gedling BC. This remains ongoing.

The work to repair the pillar at the Cemetery car park has been completed as has the concreting outside the wall.

Remembrance ceremony had gone well and the Royal British Legion had expressed their appreciation.

The Chairman wished to resign from the sub-committee discussing youth shelter provision. Cllr Carless agreed to take her place.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting so that members of the public could discuss Parish matters with Councillors.

Residents of Foundry Terrace voiced their concerns over the suggestion that a young peoples’ shelter could be sited on Glenalmond Park. Cllr Carless answered on behalf of the Council saying that there was an ongoing problem with young people in the village and the Council were seeking solutions. The Council would consult with residents before any decisions are made. There are problems of policing in the village because the number of police for the area has been reduced.

It was reported that Japanese Knotweed near to the Cemetery car park had been dug up and thrown into the field and also put into the waste bins.




The accounts were approved by the Parish Council and were signed by the Chairman.

Matters concerning Newstead Village.
Cllr Carless informed the Council that a funding application had been made for the Hopping Hill site.

There is an accumulation of litter on the pathway between Chapel Terrace and Hazelford Way. Gedling BC would be informed.

The bus shelter on Hucknall Road is damaged. Highways would be contacted again.

The Council was informed that the church floor is covered by insurance. The present organ will be removed and replaced by a smaller electric organ which will also be covered by insurance.

Matters concerning Newstead Abbey Park.
Newstead by Night would be held during the weekend of 9th and 10th December.

The Council agreed to a donation of £250 to the Newstead Allotment Association to be used for the tractor.

The containers which have been used by contractors during the window replacement programme have been moved from the Mosaic to parking bays behind Tilford Road. Cllr Burnham would report any problems.

Planning Applications.
2006/0994 6 High Leys Drive – erect rear single storey extension. No objections.
2006/1023 112 Chatsworth Terrace – erect a conservatory. No objections

Reports from External meetings.
The sub-committee dealing with the youth shelter had met to discuss a plan of action. The committee would consult with residents.

Cemetery Issues
It was agreed that it was necessary to have IN and OUT signs at the car park. This would be an agenda item for the January meeting.

A meeting with Miss J. Harley had taken place to resolve the difficulties which have occurred recently.

The inscription for a memorial to Clifford Raymond Gibson was approved.

Items that the Chairman considered urgent.
The Chairman had no urgent matters to discuss.

Closure and date of next meeting.
The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.50pm. The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 3rd January 2007 commencing at 7.30pm.