Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in the Summit Room of Newstead Miners Welfare Community Centre
on Wednesday 1st February 2006.

Cllrs. P.A. Wise (Chairman), J. Booth, W. Evans and R Milliken.
County Councillor J. Lonergan, Councillor J. Longden (Annesley PC), three members of the public and a member of the press were also in attendance.

A vacancy had been declared and advertised. Mr Philip Burnham had submitted an application to the Council. Members of the council unanimously agreed to the co-option of Mr Burnham who signed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office in the presence of the clerk and duly took his place on the council.

Apologies for absence:
Cllrs. S.A.T. Gascoigne and V. Leivers-Millership.

Declarations of interest:
Cllr. Mrs P.A. Wise declared an interest in any reference to the refurbishment of the car park at Hopping Hill

Approval of the Minutes of the meeting held on 4th and 11th January 2006.
The Minutes of both meetings were approved and signed by the Chairman.

The Chairman introduced Mr Peter Stonier, Head Teacher of Newstead School, to the Council. Mr Stonier had earlier agreed to assist the Council in a campaign against litter by encouraging his pupils to design posters, using the young people's computer skills.He brought with him the two designs which the school staff considered the best. The winners of the competition ( a six year old and an eight year old) would receive book tokens to the value of 15 each and the remaining money which had been donated by Leivers and Millership, would buy a litter bin on which would be the school logo. The bin would be sited in the school playground. There would be a launch of the campaign in the presence of the pupils, the staff and parents, the press, representatives of the donating company and members of the Parish Council.
Mr Stonier would like to receive the Agenda and Minutes of Parish Council meetings and suggested that a link could be set up between Newstead website and that of the school.
There is a vacancy on the Governing Body and a representative may be found from the Parish Council.
The Chairman thanked Mr Stonier for his assistance and for his very positive and encouraging comments about the pupils, parents and the general work of the school.

Matters arising from the Minutes.
The Chairman informed the Council that the Youth Club continued to remain open and was being attended by young people between the ages of 13 and 21 although the opening times were short and the attendance limited.

The Council understood that the commencement of work on the skate park would be 2nd February 2006.

A date for viewing of Minutes and Burial Records requested by residents would be set for the Spring. Enquiries had been made regarding the use of the Church Hall on a Saturday morning for this exhibition. The cost would be 10 for the first hour and 5 for each subsequent hour. It was suggested that the timings should be 10.00am to 1.00pm. Mrs Evans had contacted other groups in the village who had expressed their intention of participating.

The Clerk would contact Gedling BC re the narrowing of the footpath on Hucknall Road.

A letter had been received from Notts CC re grit bins. The Council agreed that the position explained in the letter was unacceptable and the Chairman would write to the Director of Environment at Notts CC. Councillor Lonergan has already written to express his concerns over the provision of grit bins but has had no reply. Councillor Lonergan would provide the Council with a copy of his letter.

A letter has been received from Gedling BC by the resident of the property at the corner of Webb Street and Abbey Road. It stated that even though her garden wall has been demolished several times she is not entitled to a barrier to prevent re-occurence. The Clerk was asked to write to Gedling BC in support of the resident.

Mr M Kimpson would inspect the water pump in the Cemetery when he has recovered from a recent injury.

The Chairman had spoken to members of the Newstead Liaison Group re the topics discussed at meetings of the group. There has been a re-focussing of the group and it will work much more closely with the Parish Council in the future.

There will be the installation of traffic lights at the junction of A611 and Hucknall Road. The Council welcomed this improvement in safety.

Councillor Burnham is in contact with Central Trains re poor services. He will keep the Council informed.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting so that members of the public could discuss Parish matters with Councillors.

Mr Paul Bateman informed the Council of progress towards the provision of allotments. The go ahead is awaited from the County Council.

A traffic monitoring strip has been installed near to the teenage activity area. Councillor Longden explained the Speed Watch scheme and wondered if some volunteers could be found from Newstead. The Clerk would place notices to explain the scheme and to ask for volunteers. The road to be covered would be Hucknall Road towards Annesley Cutting.

It was reported that padlocks had been removed from the Network Rail gates allowing vehicles to enter the former stocking yard. Fly tipping has occured already. A padlock has been removed from the gate at Glenalmond Park. The Council was informed that John Wade would accept the registration numbers of any vehicle trespassing on Glenalmond Park.




The Accounts were approved and passed for payment.
It was agreed by the Council that from 1st April 2006 the Clerk's salary would be at Spinal Column Point 19 (8.701p per hour)

Matters concerning Newstead Village.
The decorative railing at Chapel Terrace is now missing. The Clerk would contact Gedling BC.

A road sign outside 50 Tilford Road is too low and is being played with by youngsters. It is a 'new road layout' sign which should now be removed.

Matters concerning Newstead Abbey Park.
There is a 9 inch deep pothole on the Abbey Drive. Cars have already been damaged. The Clerk would contact Jerry Warnes.

Letter from Notts.CC re grit bins. The Chairman would contact the Director of Environment.

Quotations for the refurbishment of the car park at Hopping Hill

Planning Applications.
No planning applications had been received.
The Clerk informed the Council that the planning application for the development of the Newstead Abbey Nursing Home site had been withdrawn.

Reports from External meetings.
There were no reports from external meetings. The problem of litter in the village
It was agreed to write to all businesses in Newstead seeking their help to reduce the amount of litter in the village.

Ashfield DC would be contacted over the amount of litter along Hucknall Road towards Annesley Cutting.

Councillor Carless agreed to organise adult volunteers to litter pick throughout the village.

The Clerk would ask Gedling BC to provide strong sacks, gloves and litter pickers and possibly a skip to help in the clean-up.

The Clerk would ask Gedling BC for a litter bin to be sited near to the sports pavilion on Tilford Road.

It was suggested that a composting bin or box should be provided at the Cemetery.

Newstead Liaison Group
No further comments were made.

Items that the Chairman considered urgent.
The Council had received 3 quotations for the refurbishment of the car park at Hopping Hill.

The Clerk was asked to contact Hanson & Son and ask for a separate costing for the proposed wall.

It was agreed to hold a special meeting of the Parish Council to discuss the quotes on Wednesday 8th February 2006 commencing at 7.30pm.

Solar lights have been placed on graves in the Cemetery. It was agreed to make the Cemetery an Agenda item for the March meeting.

Closure and date of next meeting.
The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.20 pm. The date of the next Parish Council meeting would be on Wednesday 1st March 2006 commencing at 7.30pm. The Clerk will inform Councillors if there are any planning applications to discuss, in which case the meeting will commence at 7.00pm.