Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in the Summit Room of Newstead Miners Welfare Community Centre
on Wednesday 11th January 2006.

:: Cllrs. P.A. Wise (Chairman), J. Booth, D. Carless, W. Evans, J.S. Flanders, and S.A.T. Gascoigne

Apologies for absence:
Cllrs. V. Leivers - Millership and R. Milliken.

Declarations of interest:
None were declared.

Precept for 2006/2007.

Members of the Council looked at the Receipts and Payments accounts for 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 up to December 31st 2005.
A number of projects were identified which would need financing in the future.

  • Hopping Hill refurbishment of the car park. - construction of a Community Garden/Nature Reserve/Conservation area.
  • Cemetery Mortuary Chapel possible renovation to bring it back into use.
  • Youth Club regular contributions towards the funds.
  • A Cemetery extension removal of some of the woodland to increase the provision.
  • Cenotaph necessary remedial works.
  • The placing of large stones to stop parking on the grass outside of the Cemetery.

The Council agreed to accept the list of projects and that the Hopping Hill project would be the major priority for 2006/2007.

It was agreed by the Council that to fund these important works the existing Capital Aid (7913), some part of the balances and an increase of 10% would be necessary.

The Council agreed unanimously that the existing precept would be raised from 9530 to 10483. To fit the required calculations some adjustment may have to be made to this figure.

The Council agreed to raise the prices for the Cemetery to take effect from 1st February 2006.

The Revenue Aid for 2006/2007 will be 5193 and the Capital Aid will be 1740.

Planning Application

2005/1271 Poets Corner, Station Avenue, Newstead Abbey Park.
Erect a private domestic swimming pool.

The Council considered the application and after discussion the following objections were made.

  • The proposed development lies within the Green Belt.
  • The property is already larger than the original footprint.
  • It is out of keeping with anything else in the Abbey Park.
  • The size of the swimming pool can hardly be called domestic. It is almost of Olympic proportions.
  • The visual impact of this property is already over-bearing.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.25pm.