Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in the Summit Room of Newstead Miners Welfare Community Centre
on Wednesday 7th February 2007.



Present: Cllrs. P.A. Wise (Chairman), J. Booth, P. Burnham, D. Carless, W. Evans, and R. Milliken.
PC Andy Vale, two PCSO’s, two members of the public and a member of the press were also in attendance.


Apologies for absence: Borough Councillor J. McCauley.


Declarations of interest: There were no declarations of interests.


Approval of the Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd January 2007. The Minutes of the Parish Council meeting were approved and were signed by the Chairman.


Matters arising from the Minutes.


The event for the opening of the skate park had not yet taken place. This is still pending and could be for some time. This is on-going.


A new gate to the skate park has been installed, but there are still concerns over the back exit which is being used by bikers to access the park. The crossing of the main road is dangerous. Gedling BC is liaising with the Forestry Commission over access to the woods opposite the park. This remains ongoing.


The report from Nick Crouch of Notts CC on Hopping Hill has now been received. Cllr Carless is seeking funding for Hopping Hill. There is a problem of Japanese Knotweed close to the Cemetery car park despite the efforts of the Parish Council. Quotes would be sought from specialist companies by Cllr Carless. This is on-going.


The roadside between the former chapel and Hazelford Way is becoming narrower because of overgrown vegetation. The Clerk has contacted Gedling BC. This has now been completed.


Cllr Carless informed the Council that a funding application had been made for the Hopping Hill site. Information is awaited.


One bus shelter on Hucknall Road remains damaged. Highways would be contacted.


Gedling BC will grass the worn areas on the Mosaic caused by the siting of builders containers.


The waste bin in the car park has been used for the disposal of dog faeces and needs to be emptied. Gedling BC would be contacted again and a larger bin and dog bin would be requested.


The Council is in need of litter pickers. Cllr Carless would organise this. This is on-going.


It was reported that Annesley Developments had submitted further information in support of the application to reclaim the North East tip at the former Annesley Colliery. A meeting has been arranged by Paddy Tipping MP for Friday 9th February at Newstead Church Hall commencing at 2.00pm.


It was reported that a problem still existed over the intimidating behaviour of a group of youths and litter outside the Take-away on Tilford Road. This is still a cause for concern.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting so that members of the public could discuss Parish matters with Councillors.

It was reported that the former nursing home on Fraser Street was insecure and children were able to enter the building. Tiles are missing from the roof, and there has been fly tipping recently. The Clerk would contact Gedling BC.

PC Andy Vale would organise a leaflet drop to every property in the village re anti-social behaviour. Residents would be asked to act as witnesses and reporters. A crime prevention booklet would also go to each property. The Parish Council would fund the distribution.

The off-road bike team visit had led to the issuing of six Section 59 orders and two bike seizures. It was reported that Sundays were the worst day of the week for motor bike nuisance.

PC Vale stated that a local area group would be formed to formulate policing priorities in Bestwood, Linby, Newstead and Papplewick. There would be consultation with local residents and regular meetings. There would be more walks around the village by police, PCSO’s and neighbourhood wardens.






The accounts were approved by the Parish Council and were signed by the Chairman.


The Precept document was signed by the Chairman and 2 Parish Councillors. The Parish Council requested a precept for 2007/2008 of £11,030.


Matters concerning Newstead Village.


Members expressed concern re the poor road surface on Annesley Cutting.


It was reported that some vehicles exiting Hazelford Way were speeding along Hucknall Road. It was agreed that a letter would be sent to each company on the industrial estate to inform employees of the existence of a 30mph limit along Hucknall Road. PC Andy Vale would also be involved.


Speeding along Tilford Road was reported. Councillors agreed to log dates, times and estimated speeds for one month. The findings would be sent to Notts. CC


The litter bin on the triangle close to the bus shelter is not being emptied. Gedling BC would be informed.


Matters concerning Newstead Abbey Park.


It was reported that the pot holes on the Abbey drive are being repaired.




A letter from NALC re Post Office closures.


A letter from NALC re Local Government White Paper.


A letter from NALC re the threat to Lottery funding of voluntary organisations.


Freedom of Information Publication scheme extension.


Building Better Communities – Annual event


Police budget proposals.


Planning Applications.


2006/1137 Old Vicarage, Newstead Abbey Park – erect double garage. No objections.


2007/0011 2 High Leys Drive Newstead – erect garden room extension. No objections.


2007/0011 2 High Leys Drive Newstead – erect garden room extension. No objections.


Notts CC – Newstead Primary and Nursery School – erect perimeter security fencing and gates. No objections.


Reports from External meetings.


Cllr Mrs Evans reported that Annesley Youth Club continued to be very successful.


The Clerk reported on a meeting of the Bentinck Void Liaison Group which had discussed health issues.


Cllr Milliken reported on a meeting of Newstead Liaison Group. Two major issues were damage to Cornerstone House and the increase in dog fouling.


Cllr Carless reported that there would be £1700 to share between Annesley, Linby and Newstead in 2007/2008 from the Building Better Communities initiative.


Cllr Burnham reported on a meeting of the Newstead Church Committee. A copy of the proceedings was supplied to each member.


Cemetery Issues


It was necessary to have IN and OUT signs at the car park. It was agreed to seek quotes also for NO TIPPING signs. The signs would be metal and would be placed on a metal post.


The design of a memorial stone submitted by Mr Peach was accepted.


The design of a memorial stone for Mrs Pembleton submitted by Sapco Memorials was accepted.


The cemetery information from Ashfield DC was noted by Councillors.


It was agreed to commence the investigation into the proposed extension of the Cemetery. Quotes would have to be sought for removal of some trees.


Items that the Chairman considered urgent.


The Chairman informed the Council that despite lengthy advertising no one had expressed an interest from the Abbey Ward to fill the vacancy on the Parish Council.


The Council agreed to approach Mr Paul Bateman and invite him to take the vacant seat.


Closure and date of next meeting.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.53pm. The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 7th March 2007 commencing at 7.30pm.