Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in the Summit Room of Newstead Miners Welfare Community Centre
on Wednesday 7th March 2007.



Present: Cllrs. P.A. Wise (Chairman), J. Booth, P. Burnham, D. Carless, W. Evans, J.S. Flanders, V. Leivers-Millership and R. Milliken.
Borough Councillor J. McCauley, three members of the public and a member of the press were also in attendance.


Apologies for absence: PC Andy Vale


Declarations of interest: There were no declarations of interests.


Approval of the Minutes of the meeting held on 7th February 2007.The Minutes of the Parish Council meeting were approved with an amendment to 11.4 which should read :- Cllr Carless reported that there had been £1700 to share between Annesley, Linby and Newstead in 2006/2007 from the Building Better Communities initiative. With this correction in place, the Minutes were signed by the Chairman.

The Chairman introduced Mr Paul Bateman and it was agreed to co-opt him on to the Parish Council.


Matters arising from the Minutes.


The event for the opening of the skate park had not yet taken place. This is still pending and could be for some time. This is on-going.


A new gate to the skate park has been installed, but there are still concerns over the back exit which is being used by bikers to access the park. The crossing of the main road is dangerous. Gedling BC is liaising with the Forestry Commission over access to the woods opposite the park. This remains ongoing.


The report from Nick Crouch of Notts CC on Hopping Hill has now been received. Cllr Carless is seeking funding for Hopping Hill. There is a problem of Japanese Knotweed close to the Cemetery car park despite the efforts of the Parish Council. Quotes would be sought from specialist companies by Cllr Carless. This is on-going.


Cllr Carless informed the Council that a funding application had been made for the Hopping Hill site. Information is still awaited.


One bus shelter on Hucknall Road remains damaged. The railway station shelter is also damaged.


The waste bin in the car park has been used for the disposal of dog faeces and needs to be emptied. Gedling BC would be contacted again and a larger bin and dog bin would be requested. This is still awaited.


The Council is in need of litter pickers. These have been ordered from County Supplies and will be delivered in the next day or so.


It was reported that the problem over the intimidating behaviour of a group of youths and litter outside the Take-away on Tilford Road had eased as the police had made 3 arrests and another arrest was pending. The group of youths has dispersed. Pc Vale had distributed a leaflet to all residents in the village.


It was reported that the larger pot holes on Annesley Cutting had recently been marked out for repair.


There had been a positive reaction from the companies on Hazelford Way to the Parish Council letter re. speeding on Newstead Road and Hucknall Road.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting so that members of the public could discuss Parish matters with Councillors.

It was reported that fly tipping had occurred in the Cemetery car park.

The litter bins at the bus stops are not always being emptied. ADC and GBC would be informed. The Chairman expressed the Parish Council’s thanks to Cllr. John McCauley who would not be seeking re-election at the forthcoming elections.

The Chairman introduced Mr Andy Richardson, Chairman of the Governors of Newstead School. He wanted to see closer links between the school and the local community.

It was agreed to support Annesley Parish Council in its request for pedestrian crossings on Newstead Road and Hucknall Road as children from Annesley who attend Newstead School have to cross the road twice on bends as there is no continuous pavement between the villages.






The accounts were approved and passed for payment.


Matters concerning Newstead Village.


Concerns were expressed about the flooding in the skate park. A third of the area floods and it ought to be up to the contractors to sort this out. It was suggested that a trench should be dug and filled with stone chippings to create a soak away.


It was reported that Façade Engineering has been in receivership since January 1st 2007.


Matters concerning Newstead Abbey Park.


The gates would be installed in April.


Newstead Village end would be permanently gated and access would be by a code pad.


Many residents and businesses will have to use the main gate and go the long way round to access the M1 and areas west of the Abbey Park.


Jerry Warnes would be contacted re access for disabled scooters and season ticket holders.


It was agreed to make this an agenda item for the next meeting.




A letter from the Commision for Rural Communities re strengthening the role of local councillors.


Planning Applications.


2007/0050 7 Fraser Street, Newstead – erect a detached garage and front porch. No objections.


Notts CC – Annesley Colliery NE tip – reclamation through the importation of inert material. Councillors were informed that the County planning committee had granted permission on 27th February 2007.


Reports from External meetings.


Cllr Carless reported on a Building Better Communities meeting to finalise the activities of the year. He commented that the Parish had benefited with increased funding for projects.


Cemetery Issues


The signs would be sited in the very near future. The work would be done by Anthony Clarke.


The planting of the car park would be undertaken by Anthony Clarke. The planting would be low maintenance and include native plants and trees.


It was suggested that local business could be asked to donate a tree.


Cllrs Wise, Evans and Leivers-Millership would visit Old Hall Nurseries at Oxton to choose plants.


It was agreed to commence the investigation into the proposed extension of the Cemetery. Quotes would have to be sought for removal of some trees.


Items that the Chairman considered urgent.


Nomination forms for the forthcoming elections were completed.


A sub-committee consisting of Cllrs Wise, Bateman, Burnham, Carless, Leivers-Millership and Milliken was formed to further the Parish Plan. Mr Andy Richardson and the Clerk would also attend the meetings of the sub-committee.


The Chairman would liaise with Sue Budden of the RCC.


Closure and date of next meeting.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.50pm. The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 4th April 2007 commencing at 7.30pm.