FAQ: How To Get Into The Gerudo Village?

Where do you get the gerudo outfit?

The Gerudo Set is an Armor set consisting of the Gerudo Veil, Gerudo Top, and Gerudo Sirwal. The set can be purchased from Vilia on top of the Kara Kara Bazaar for 600 Rupees as part of the “Forbidden City Entry” Main Quest. Afterwards, all three pieces can be bought in Gerudo Town for 540 Rupees total.

How do you get to Gerudo Town without paying?

Talk to the man outside the city gates, near the shrine entrance. He’ll tell you he’s heard of someone who managed to fool the guards and enter the city. He’ll then tell you to look for the man in Kara Kara Bazaar. Follow the road northeast from Gerudo Town, and you’ll reach it in no time.

Can you enter gerudo without disguise?

Yup, no exception, only female can get pass the gate. Unless you’re a Goron, then you can get in if you’re a dude. Also you can wear the Thunder Helm instead of the head piece.

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Where is the man who can get into Gerudo Town?

Unlike the other villages and cities you’ve come across, Gerudo Town is only for women, and men are not allowed to enter. To find a way in, talk to the man with the backpack standing outside the nearby Shrine. He’ll inform you of a sneaky man who was able to get inside, and this man can be located at Kara Kara Bazaar.

Is Vilia a male gerudo?

Vilia, on top of the Kara Kara Bazaar who you talk with to get the Gerudo Vai clothes. She is only ever referenced as female and gets mad when you call her a man. However she has very masculine feature hinting she is a man by the game.

Can you sneak into Gerudo Town?

Head northeast from Gerudo Town to the Kara Kara Bazaar. (See the map above.) There, you’ll find a man who’ll sell you Gerudo clothes for 600 rupees. Put these on — all of them — and you’ll be able to enter Gerudo Town when you return.

Is Urbosa dead?

Urbosa was defeated by Thunderblight Ganon. After her death, Urbosa lives on in the afterlife as a spirit and is trapped within Naboris.

How do girls get Botw clothes?

Breath of the Wild Link will find Vilia on the rooftop of the Kara Kara Bazaar Inn. Vilia is a man who is wearing traditional Gerudo Clothes to disguise himself as a woman. He will offer to sell Link the full Gerudo set for 600 Rupees.

What happens if you take off your disguise in Gerudo Town?

The Gerudo soldiers will throw Link out if he removes any piece of his Gerudo outfit, Thunder Helm, Sand Boots or Snow Boots, or if Link attempts to enter by scaling the walls.

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Can you enhance the Gerudo outfit?

Gerudo Set The Gerudo Outfit is obtained in the process of gaining entrance to Gerudo Town (start at the Kara Kara Bazaar, the oasis visible from the nearby cliffs). Each piece can be purchased in Gerudo Town in different colors for 180 Rupees a piece. It cannot be upgraded.

Why are Gorons allowed in Gerudo Town?

Lyndae is a Goron who can be found in Gerudo Town. Lyndae wonders why he was allowed into the Town when men are not allowed inside. This implies that the Gorons are all male race as no notable female members have appeared and they all refer to each other as brother.

What is the hardest divine beast?

Vah Naboris is the most difficult of the Divine Beasts in BOTW. This Beast is located in southwestern Hyrule and was piloted by the Gerudo Champion, Urbosa.

Which divine beast is first?

The giant elephant Vah Ruta is an easy first choice, as it’s closest to the place where you initially get the quest to cleanse the beasts.

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