FAQ: How To Get To Dyrford Village?

How do I get to Dyrford village?

The passageway to the Dyrford Ruins can be unlocked while exploring them (the main entrance to the ruins is in Dyrford Crossing – M30) or by killing Trygil.

Should I let Nyfre go?

If you killed Medreth before letting Nyfre leave town, Nyfre will give you the unique leather armor Night-Runner as a reward. If you want to avoid killing anyone, you will need Resolve 14 to convince Medreth you aren’t lying. Otherwise, he attacks you.

Where is Aelys?

Trygil claims that an ogre took Aelys somewhere near the Bael River, east of Dyrford. Trygil claims that an ogre took Aelys somewhere near the Bael River, east of Dyrford.

How do you get Korgrak?

You’ll find Korgrak in a cave in Dyrford Crossing (#2). Surprisingly, he won’t automatically attack you. Instead, he’ll talk to you, and if you’re rational with him, then you’ll have three ways to complete the quest: You can attack Korgrak, plus the bears with him.

Which faction should I choose Pillars of Eternity?

It Doesn’t Really Matter. As you can see above, it doesn’t really matter which faction you choose in Pillars of Eternity. The only difference between the three of them is the reward you get upon completing their final quest.

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How do I join Doemenel house?

To gain House Doemenel as your faction, give the letter to Abrecan Doemenel. House Doemenel is in the centre north of Brackenbury, which is accessible through the south exit in Copperlane. Agree to steal the gem for Abrecan Doemenel.

How do you get grieving mother in pillars of eternity?

Grieving Mother can be recruited in Dyrford Village. She is a powerful Cipher who can provide crowd control. She will leave your party if you do any of the following:

  1. Sacrifice Saeda to Aldhelm during Undying Heritage.
  2. Sacrifice Vela during Sacrificial Bloodlines.
  3. Fail to save her during the end of Dream and Memory.

Who are the dozens pillars of eternity?


  • Wenan.
  • Aefre.
  • Osric.
  • Giantslayers.

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