FAQ: How To Unlock Layton’s Challenges Curious Village?

How do I unlock Layton challenges?

By completing all ten stages of a given mini-game, you unlock some super-tough puzzles from the main menu. To access them, simply touch “Bonuses,” then select the save file. Layton’s Challenges can be completed during or after the story if you wish, just as long as they’re accessed from the main menu.

How do you unlock the puzzle in master house Curious Village?

You must complete Puzzles 001 through 132 to unlock this option.

Is Professor Layton challenging?

Professor Layton, being the intelligent puzzle master he is, leaves to Luke some extra and quite difficult puzzles for the player to complete after you complete each installment of the Professor Layton series.

Where is the inn in Professor Layton and the Curious Village?

The Inn is a mini-game in Professor Layton and the Curious Village. It is unlocked when Professor Layton and Luke Triton check in at the inn in St. Mystere.

How old is Layton?

Professor Layton is probably one of the most famous professors of the video game world, so this series probably needs no introduction. Professor Layton and the Curious Village came out for iOS and Android in English in September 2018 and features crisp HD visuals that look great on a phone screen.

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What age is Professor Layton for?

This is a mystery game chock full of logic puzzles. The puzzles range in difficulty, but some require mathematical concepts usually introduced in about 7th grade, so we have set the age appropriateness at 12 and up.

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