FAQ: Stronghold Kingdoms How To Abandon Village?

How do you get another village in Stronghold Kingdoms?

Yes. Once you raise your rank to Alderman (12) you can own a second village. To take ownership of a second village, you need to research Leadership and own a captain. You can buy a village on the world map, as long as you have a captain and at least 10,000 gold** with which to purchase a new village charter.

How do you capture a village in Stronghold Kingdoms?

Capture allows you to capture the village you are attacking. To succeed, you must reach the centre of the keep and have a captain which survives the battle. You must have a vacant village spot for the capture option to be available. Researching Leadership allows players to capture more villages.

Can you change your name on stronghold kingdoms?

We understand that name preferences may change during gameplay, however, due to security concerns, we do not allow players to change their in-game names after already actively playing Stronghold Kingdoms.

How many villages can you have in Stronghold Kingdoms?

To gain additional villages (up to a maximum of 25 ), a player must reach certain ranks, and complete further research in Leadership and Captains. Villages may be gained by either attacking another player using the capture command, or by buying village charters.

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How do you get faith points in Stronghold Kingdoms?

Faith Points are required to carry out the many tasks of monks, e.g. curing disease, performing interdictions etc. To gain points you will need to research Theology, and place religious buildings (which require further research – please see below).

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