FAQ: Where Is Whiteley Village?

Is Whiteley Village private?

c. I / we are aware and accept that Whiteley Village is NOT a private estate and that it is a charity and the Trust reserves the right to advertise as such.

What council is Whiteley?

Winchester City Council is the planning authority for the Winchester side of Whiteley. This includes most of the business park area, Leafy Lane, Herbs, Bluebell Way and the shopping centre. North Whiteley: Curbridge Meadows and Whiteley Meadows are also within Winchester District.

What shops are at Whiteley?

Shops include: Clarks, Marks and Spencers, Fatface, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, H&M, Joules, Moss Bros and many more. Resturants include: Five Guys, Wagamamas, Harvester, Frankie and Benny’s, dim t, Nandos plus many other well known names.

Is Whiteley Village open today?

Whiteley is open from 9.00am – 7.00pm Monday to Saturday and 10.30am – 4.30pm on Sunday.

Does Whiteley have a train station?

Swanick Train Station is a 25 min walk away from Whiteley.

Is Whiteley a town?

Whiteley is a community in the county of Hampshire, England, near Fareham. The development straddles the boundary between two council districts: the Borough of Fareham to the south and east, and the city of Winchester to the north and west.

Is Whiteley a good place to live?

Families are attracted to Whiteley specifically because it is safe, convenient (right on the main M27 motorway), and has excellent amenities and schools. A home here is on average £347,565. Close to the City of Portsmouth and all its great amenities but with a more reasonable average cost of £307,145.

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Are dogs allowed in Whiteley?

Dogs are welcome at Whiteley in all outside areas, and we’ve provided a dog bowl outside our centre management office. You can also take your dog to Starbucks for a free Puppaccino (espresso cup filled with cream with a dog biscuit on top).

When was Whiteley Shopping Centre built?

A shopping centre featuring 55 units and an extension to the adjacent leisure centre was constructed in 2013 to enhance the local residential town of Whiteley; a project on which evolve provided structural engineering services.

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