FAQ: Who Owns Bangour Village Hospital?

Why is Bangour abandoned?

The hospital was requisitioned by the War Office during the First World War but reverted to psychiatric work between the wars. After general medical services transferred to the newly-opened St John’s Hospital in nearby Livingston, Bangour General Hospital closed in 1991.

What happened to Bangour Village hospital?

Bangour General Hospital was run down and closed (and subsequently demolished) following the opening of St John’s Hospital in nearby Livingston in 1989.

When was Bangour built?

The first patients from the Royal Edinburgh Asylum were transferred to Bangour in 1904, and the hospital was officially opened on 3 October 1906.

Can you still walk around Bangour village?

Great place to walk, for now. The site of the old Bangour Village Hospital is still a great place to take a walk and take photographs. It is popular with dog walkers. That being said, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, we meet less than a dozen walkers, half with dogs.

Where is the abandoned village in Scotland?

The village is located on the shores of Loch Tay in Perthshire. It’s around an hour and 40 minute drive from Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, where I currently reside. After seeking permission from the Goldcrest Land and Forestry Group, I decided to make the journey and explore the village for myself.

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Can you visit Bangour village hospital?

He added: “At the request of local residents, we provided pedestrian access to the grounds of Bangour Village Hospital, as it is a popular picnic spot and walking route. “The site is currently open between 9am and 6pm. A security guard is on site each evening, with security patrols carried out throughout the night.

Is Gartloch hospital still there?

Gartloch Hospital was a mental health facility located on the Gartloch Road near the village of Gartcosh in Glasgow, Scotland. It opened in 1896 and was officially closed in 1996.

Why did Hartwood Hospital close?

Hartwood Hospital began closure in 1995 as a result of the Community Care Act 1990, which resulted in the closure of many Victorian institutions as a more community-focused treatment for mental health care was introduced.

When did Lennox Castle Close?

Lennox Castle Hospital was eventually closed in 2002, leaving the institution’s sad and difficult history to be forgotten, just like its crumbling, abandoned former home.

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