FAQ: Who Took Over Ocean Village Cruise Ships?

What is Ocean Village called now?

Ocean Village was the sole cruise ship of the Ocean Village brand after the Ocean Village Two became the Pacific Jewel. In 2010 the Ocean Village brand ceased its operations and she was transferred to P&O Cruises Australia and renamed Pacific Pearl.

What happened CMV Columbus?

It would appear so, as the former Columbus from Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV) is expected to be scrapped in the near future, according to sources. The 1988-built ship last sailed for Cruise & Maritime Voyages, and was ultimately bought by Seajets for $5.3 million at auction in October 2020.

Who bought Columbus cruise ship?

The Columbus was sold at auction in the fall for just over $5 million to Marios Iliopoulos of Seajets, who is believed to be buying surplus cruise as an investment looking to charter or resell them as the industry rebounds. Estimates placed the scrapping value of the Columbus at as much as $13 million.

Where are the CMV ships?

The two ships were purchased from P&O Cruises Australia last year and were due to enter service in 2021. Four of the ships are currently docked in CMV’s former homeport of Tilbury, Essex, and one is in Bristol Avonmouth.

Has CMV been sold?

After CMV entered administration, she was sold at auction to Mystic Invest for US$ 10,187,000. Sold to CMV in 2019 by P&O Cruises Australia with planned delivery in 2021, where she is sailing as Pacific Dawn.

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Where is CMV Magellan now?

She was renamed Mages and sailed to Alang, India, for scrapping with anchorage at Bhavnagar on 23 January 2021; the ship was moved in front of Alang on 28 January waiting for high tide and was finally beached in the early morning of 30 January 2021.

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