How To Conquer Village Travian?

How do you chief a village in Travian Kingdoms?

Travian: Kingdoms – How to chief 4 version. To chief a village, you need an Academy at level 20, a level 5 Rally Point and a Residence or Palace at level 10 or 20 (also level 15 for the Palace). Furthermore, a free expansion slot is required, in order to be able to research and train one of the valuable conquest units.

How do you conquer a capital in Travian?

Your capital cannot be conquered by a Chieftain/Chief/Senator. However, it could be destroyed (population reduced to 0) if the player has more than one village, however this does not then give the player who has reduced it to zero the ability to then settle on it.

How do you defend in Travian?

Infantry defense and cavalry defense Some units are adept at only one of these categories, while others are good at both. If the make-up of an incoming attack is known to be largely cavalry, then units such as the Spearman, Phalanx, Legionnaire and Haeduan are the best choices for defense against it.

Can I conquer Natar village?

– Yes you can conquer independent natarian villages. – Usually nothing, because usually Natar-account is bigger than your account.

How many chiefs can you build Travian?

As soon as you have 3 chiefs, demolish the palace and build a Townhall in its place. Combined with Great Celebration, you can use 3 chiefs from your capital to lower loyalty, and another 2 chiefs from a second village to complete the conquer. If that was not enough, you can also train 3 chiefs in non-capitals too.

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How do you increase loyalty in Travian?

The loyalty of a village rises by 2/3 of a level of the palace or residence per hour. For example, a level 6 residence or palace will raise the loyalty by 4 points in one hour. When a village is conquered, all troops that belong to the conquered village will disappear.

Can you destroy a capital Travian?

A capital cannot be destroyed as long as it is the LAST VILLAGE of the player. If you have more then 1 village you capital can be destroyed.

What is natars?

The Natars are the independend tribe in Travian: Kingdoms besides the Nature and the Robbers. In the first few months they are quite insignificant and are only important for players, who try to conquer one of the 15-crop-villages, which are protected by the Natars.

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