Often asked: How Much Are Village Gold Class Tickets?

What does Village Gold Class include?

Gold Class is the ultimate way to experience the latest blockbusters in cinema, with your comfort and convenience our priority. Recline your lounge seat as we treat you to our carefully curated food & drinks selection, delivered to you in cinema.

Does GV Gold class include food?

Does the golden village gold class include food? Yes, it does! You can go to the lounge to have your meals!

How long do gold class tickets last?

Gold class rip off, Gift cards only last 12 months, Even when date of issue is not written on card, is this a NO GRACE RIP OFF scenario?

Does Gold class include popcorn?


What is the cheapest day to go to the cinema?

The cheapest days to go are always Monday to Thursday. Most cinemas have lower prices on these days, and cheaper still before 5pm.

What is Gold Class package?

With wall to wall screens, fully reclining arm chairs and food and drinks delivered to your seat throughout the movie. This Gold Class Experience package includes: 2x Gold Class admission at any Event Cinemas or Village Cinemas Gold Class cinema location. 2x $10 Gold Class Bar Vouchers to be used on drinks or food.

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Is there an age limit for gold class?

As Gold Class sites are licensed venues, patrons under 18 years of age cannot enter the Gold Class area without a parent or guardian. A guardian means a parent (including a step-parent) or legal guardian of the minor.

Is GV Gold class worth it?

Golden Village Gold Class Experience: So Much More Than Bigger Seats & Blankets. Promising an immersive and exclusive movie experience, GV’s Gold Class is well-worth the money and truly a #treatyoself.

Can 13 year old watch NC16?

G (general) – Suitable for all ages. PG (parental guidance) – Suitable for most but parents should guide their young. PG13 (parental guidance 13) – Suitable for persons aged 13 and above but parental guidance is advised for children below 13. NC16 (no children under 16) – Restricted to persons aged 16 and above.

Do cinemas check age?

We always follow national rules about film ratings, and if you’re lucky enough to be looking younger than the film’s rating, we’ll have to ask to see some ID. Another reason you could be asked for ID is to make sure you’re getting the right ticket for your film.

How do I redeem my gold class tickets online?

Voucher can be redeemed online at villagecinemas.com.au or at the ticket box for movie sessions at participating Village Cinemas locations*. Vouchers cannot be redeemed until 24 hours after purchase. Seating is subject to availability. Please redeem the voucher for a seat to your selected movie session.

Can I use a Village Cinemas gift card at Event Cinemas?

– Only valid for use at Event Cinemas, BCC, GU Film House and Greater Union. – Movie Gift Cards are not available for use at Village Cinemas. – If your purchase is more than the current credit amount available on your gift card, you can make up the full amount with another type of tender accepted in our cinemas.

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Do movie giftcards expire?

Gift Cards carry NO Expiration date or dormancy fees. Do Gift or eGift Cards have any restrictions? No. They are redeemable at any Regal location nationwide.

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