Often asked: How To Display Christmas Village Collections?

How do you display a Christmas village in a small space?

Small Spaces to Display Your Christmas Village

  1. Your fireplace mantel in a long village display.
  2. A bookshelf in front of books or after the books have been cleared.
  3. On top of kitchen cabinets if there is space between the cabinets and ceiling.
  4. Floating shelves hung on the wall.
  5. Window sills if your pieces are small.

What Christmas Village is best?

Calling itself the Best Christmas Town in America, Colonial Williamsburg particularly shines at Christmastime. Traditions abound, such as caroling by torchlight, a gun-salute display, and every home in the historic area lighting a candle in their windows—dating back to the days of the Founding Fathers.

Where should I put my Christmas village?

Make sure that there’s room for a house or two, and that there’s not too much traffic where the houses and decoration can get trampled on and broken. Most people begin to put their Villages starting in their living room or near their main entrance door/foyer-way.

Can you mix and match Christmas villages?

5. Don’t be afraid to mix and match building sizes. You don’t have to buy your houses all from one set.

How do you hide Christmas Village cords?

Trees, fences, ponds, lights, signs, and people will bring your village to life. Fluff and shape village trees for a more realistic look. Use mirrors to create ponds for skaters and boats. Fencing and rock wall accessories are another great way to hide cords.

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What scale is DEPT 56 Christmas village?

The Dept. 56 version stands 13.5 inches tall, which works out to 1:156.4 scale. It’s a matter of practicality.

What are the original Dickens Village pieces?

The first Original Snow Village pieces were the Mountain Lodge, Gabled Cottage, the Inn, Country Church, Steepled Church, and Small Chalet, and are made of ceramic. The collection consists of over 225 pieces, including accessories.

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