Often asked: Wasteland 2 Where Is Darwin Village?

How do I get to Darwin village Wasteland 2?

You will either need someone with at least 4 Computer Science or Rose to get in, but you can just use the code (PROTEUS or 7768387) that can be found by examining Finster’s mask in the Ranger Citadel museum. The ruined construction site has a backer shrine, visible just around the corner.

Where is Red Wasteland 2?

You can find Red in the North-Western part of the map. Unfortunately, the path that leads to him is being guarded by turrets. To outwit the turrets, you need to enter the password to the nearby computer. Red changes the password regularly.

What is the night terror in Wasteland 2?

Night Terror is a mutant still living in the ruins of Darwin research lab. It can be found in a highly secure cell surrounded by three turrets. Releasing it requires either a high level Computer Science or typing the passcode ICEBERG.

How do you get the rose in Wasteland 2?

Rose. A physician from Ag Center. You will find her in the Ag Center after you decide to save it (otherwise Rose will die).

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Can you save Binh Wasteland 2?

Yes, it is possible.

How do I free BART Wasteland 2?

Bart is in the cage at the other end of the map, a bit to the South of Outpost One. Free him by using Lock Picking. Then, you can let him go on his own, or accept him in the party.

Where is the airplane graveyard Wasteland 2?

The plane is in Silo 7. You should already know where the Silo is, because you learned it at the Temple of the Titan but, if you missed it somehow, the map with the location marked is on the locker behind Tinker. After you get there, follow along the left side.

Who is the provost in Wasteland 2?

The Provost is a character found in Rail Nomads camp and Los Alamitos site in Wasteland 2. He returns in Wasteland 3, to puzzle gamers once again.

Where is Pizepi?

Pizepi is found at Aspen (Little Hell), a veteran of Team Echo, and comes with the unique background, Researcher. She is specced as a mid-ranged automatic weapon combatant who is also a good hacker and user of weird tech.

Can you respec in Wasteland 2?

if you take 8 bladed and make it 8 energy – you can safely do that, but if you want to genuinely respec, count how many skill points it took and add them to <availableSkillPoints>7</availableSkillPoints> at the very beginning of that character’s data.

Does Wasteland 2 have a time limit?

The time limit only goes into effect after the distress calls. Before you trigger those you can wander around in the upper left quadrant as much as you want without losing either location. Just don’t go too far south, or too far east while not being far up north.

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What is the level cap in Wasteland 2?

Ranks are an abstraction of classic RPG levels used in Wasteland. The maximum possible level is 50 (Lieutenant).

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