Often asked: Which Member Of The Village People Died?

How did Glenn Hughes of the Village People die?

Glenn Hughes, who has died of lung cancer aged 50, was a member of the Village People, whose camp innuendo and humour made them one of the most popular disco groups of the 1970s.

When did villages die?

March 12, 2001 — Glenn Hughes of popular campy disco act The Village People died March 4 at the age of 50, according to The Advocate. Hughes, who had been ill for years, reportedly asked to be buried in the “leatherman” biker garb he made famous as a member of the disco band.

Are there any original Village People left?

Village People is an American disco group known for its on-stage costumes and suggestive lyrics in their music. As of 2020, Victor Willis is the only original member of the group.

Does YMCA stand for?

History and Etymology for YMCA Young Men’s Christian Association.

Who is the biker in the Village People?

Glenn Hughes, 50, the Biker Of the Village People Band.

Who Was the Leather Man in Village People?

Glenn Michael Hughes (July 18, 1950 – March 4, 2001) was an American singer who was the original “Leatherman” character in the disco group Village People from 1977 to 1996.

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Did the Village People write their own songs?

Victor Willis wrote the lyrics to most of the group’s songs after their first album. He signed over the copyrights to the songs, but got them back in a landmark 2013 ruling that upheld a 1978 law giving composers their credits back after 35 years.

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