Question: How To Get All The Cuccos In Kakariko Village 3ds?

How do you get all the Cuccos in Kakariko?

Where to find all the cuccos in Kakariko Village

  1. Next to Pikango and the pond with the goddess statue.
  2. On the roof of the clothing shop directly across from Cado’s coop.
  3. In front of a shed next to a campfire a little farther up the hill.
  4. On top of a shed-thing in the northeast corner of the town near the watermill.

Where are the Cuccos in Kakariko Village Ocarina of Time?

Near the entrance from Hyrule Field, near the archway leading to the graveyard, near the exit to Death Mountain, IN a crate between a house and the bottom of the largest single staircase in the village (like the first person said), near the well, on a ledge NEAR (not in) the Spider House (you need to use another

How do you get a Pocket Cucco?

First, Link must obtain the Pocket Egg from the Cucco Lady. The egg hatches overnight, so he must either go into an area where time flows normally and wait a whole day, or play the Sun’s Song. After hatching, the Pocket Egg becomes a Pocket Cucco.

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Where is the last Cucco in Ocarina of Time?

Go toward the entrance of Death Mountain Trail to find a cucco nearby. The last cucco can be found somewhere around the tree and the entrance to Kakariko Village.

How do I sleep with Paya?

Paya lives in Impa’s house, so head inside and talk to her for a while. Eventually you’ll put her to bed, at which point you’ll want to wait by the fire until night falls.

Who stole the heirloom?

There, Dorian will draw out an officer of the Yiga Clan who is the thief of the heirloom. He warns Dorian that all that has happened is the price for leaving the Yiga Clan, but before killing Dorian he notices and challenges Link. Defeating the Yiga Blademaster allows Link to take back the Sheikah Heirloom.

How many Cuccos are in Kakariko Village?

Of the seven Cuccos, five of them are located in the main part of Kakariko Village and are very easy to reach.

What item do I need from Kakariko Village?

Obtain a Bottle The super convenient bottle item is a must — it’s handy and lets you carry potions, fairies, and other things. To obtain it, you need to help the distressed woman standing in front of the entrance to the Kakariko Graveyard round up her errant chickens.

How do I wake up Malon’s dad?

Malon entrusts it to Link in order to wake her father, Talon, who fell asleep near the entrance to the Castle Courtyard. After receiving it, the Weird Egg will hatch the next time the sun rises, yielding a Cucco. When presented to Talon, the Cucco will crow and awaken him, prompting him to return home.

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Who do you give Cojiro to?

Unlike most other Cuccos, its feathers are entirely blue. Cojiro originally belonged to her brother, the Master Craftsman’s Son. During the seven years of Link’s absence, Cojiro was given to the Cucco Lady and the Master Craftsman’s Son disappeared from the Village, after which Cojiro has never been crowing again.

Where do I get the egg in Ocarina of Time?

The Pocket Egg is the first item in the trading sequence of Ocarina of Time, which grants Link the Biggoron’s Sword in the end. Link can start the quest as soon as he becomes an adult. To obtain the Pocket Egg, Link must go and speak with the Cucco Lady in Kakariko Village.

Where is Cottla hiding Botw?

If Link plays hide-and-seek, Cottla can be found hiding in one of several places throughout the village, such as on the porch behind Impa’s house, behind the produce shop, or atop the hill to the north. Once she is located, Link must simply speak to her to complete the sidequest and earn his reward.

What do I do with the skull mask in Ocarina of Time?

Keaton Mask: Give this mask to the guard standing near the Death Mountain trail in Kakariko Village, and return to the Happy Mask Shop. Skull Mask: Give this to Skull Kid, just make the first left as you enter the Lost Woods. Note that you can also get Heart Piece from Skull Kid by playing Saria’s Song.

How do you wake up Talon in Kakariko Village?

After Ingo ousts Talon from the Ranch, he can be found sleeping in one of the houses in Kakariko Village. Link can only wake him up by using Cojiro. When he regains control of his Ranch, he tells Link that he will dedicate himself to hard work from that point onward.

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