Question: How To Noble A Village In Tribal Wars?

How do you get a noble in tribal wars?

enough gold coins and enough farm space to create a nobleman, you must pay 40000 wood, 50000 clay and 50000 iron. For example, your first nobleman will cost 1 gold coin and 40K wood, 50K clay and 50K iron. Your second nobleman will cost 2 entirely different gold coins and 40K wood, 50K clay and 50K iron.

How do you increase loyalty in tribal wars?

Each attack that is sent with a nobleman to plunder a village’s resources will reduce said village’s loyalty by 20-35 points. If a village has 0 loyalty, it will become incorporated into the last attacking players set of villages. Loyalty will regenerate at rate of 1 point per hour until it reaches 100 again.

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