Question: What Is The Name Of The Village In The Archers?

Where is The Archers filmed?

Actors receive their scripts a few days before recording, which takes place every four weeks in a state-of- the-art radio drama studio at the BBC’s premises in The Mailbox, Birmingham. Twenty-four episodes are recorded in six intensive days, using only two hours of studio time per thirteen minute episode.

What is the name of the church in The Archers?

St Stephen’s Church – established 1281, Ambridge’s fine parish church. After Phil Archer’s death in 2010, Valda took his place at the organ stool.

Where is Ambridge supposed to be?

We knew (despite the cast’s accents!) that the location was somewhere near Warwickshire, due to mentions of the village’s proximity to the National Agricultural College in Stoneleigh – putting Ambrige both in the physical, as well as emotional, heart of the country.

What county is The Archers set?

With The Archers celebrating 60 years on our airwaves this year, Tor McIntosh sets out to discover the real county on which fictional Borsetshire is based: Worcestershire. Every listener to BBC Radio 4’s long-running drama The Archers has his or her own image of Borsetshire.

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Why do audiences listen to the Archers?

Listening to The Archers is a crucial way for them to keep in touch with British life. In fact, even within the UK, some listeners from urban areas have stated how they like the sense of rural life that is evident in the show.

Who is the Archers target audience?

Our conclusion is that the online ‘fan’ audience of the programme is predominantly white British women between 40 and 59, middle-class and highly educated.

What village is Ambridge based on?

Ambridge is possibly based on the village of Cutnall Green, though various other villages claim to be the inspiration for Ambridge; The Bull, Ambridge’s pub, is modelled on The Old Bull in Inkberrow, whereas Hanbury’s St Mary the Virgin is often used as a stand-in for Ambridge’s parish church, St Stephen’s.

Who is who in the Archers?

The Archers Characters

  • Jill Archer. Played by Patricia Greene. View Jill Archer.
  • David Archer. Played by Timothy Bentinck. View David Archer.
  • Ruth Archer. Played by Felicity Finch. View Ruth Archer.
  • Pip Archer. Played by Daisy Badger. View Pip Archer.
  • Josh Archer. Played by Angus Imrie.
  • Ben Archer. Played by Ben Norris.

What organization regulates archers?

Ofcom is responsible for regulating broadcasting on TV and Radio. Ofcom sets standards and expectations and must examine any complaints made by the public. How does The Archers uphold these standards? Explain the points below.

Who owns the Bull in the Archers?

Jolene and Kenton run The Bull and Jolene’s daughter, Fallon, lives next door with her husband, Harrison.

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What county is Ambridge in?

The village inspired the fictional Ambridge, while the series’ pub The Bull is based on Inkberrow’s own 17th century inn The Old Bull.

What is the English meaning of archers?

1: a person who uses a bow and arrow. 2 capitalized: sagittarius. Archer.

What is the longest running radio show?

The longest running radio programme is Grand Ole Opry, broadcast on WSM Radio in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, since 28 November 1925, a total of 79 years. The show is a weekly country music programme which goes out on Saturday nights.

What happened to Alice in the Archers?

For several years now, Alice has often struggled to stick to just one drink, but the stresses brought by 2020 have led to her using alcohol as a crutch. Alice’s problematic drinking sabotaged her career, and she was left with no choice but to quit her job at Pryce Baumann.

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