Readers ask: How To Get To Imber Village?

Can you visit Imber village?

Public access is granted for up to 50 days in each year, however, as a rule the number of days granted falls well short of the maximum. Public notices are posted on the Ministry of Defence website and in the local press. Access is usually granted during the Easter and Christmas/New Year periods; also, during August.

Is Imber village Open 2021?

For those who need to visit,please follow the rules,and as far as i know this is the open road times/dates Easter 2021, from 8am 2nd until 5pm on 5 April 2021. Please note that the Imber church will remain closed.

When can I visit Imber village?

Imber is only open to the public for a few weeks of the year and you need to check the website to find out when. It is well worth visiting, and a unique opportunity to also drive across Salisbury Plain, as well as supporting the Churches Conservation Trust with the Church at Imber.

Is Imber village open?

The ‘ghost village’ in the West Country that was abandoned in World War II could still be re-opened to visitors in 2020. The village, named Imber, sits on Salisbury Plain on what is still land owned by the Ministry of Defence and home to live army practice drills.

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What happened Imber village?

The village had the elongated form of a linear village, and its main street followed the course of a stream known as Imber Dock. The only building to survive in a reasonable condition is the church; the rest became derelict or were demolished by the Army.

Why is Imber village forbidden?

Many of the buildings in Imber suffered shell and explosion damage after the war when UK military operations began, and, additionally eroded by the weather, quickly fell into disrepair. Although the villagers had been told they could return in six months, this was never allowed.

Can you drive through Imber?

The Village and Church of Imber. A: Yes you can do this without restriction when the roads are open to the public. NB. When the roads are open to the public the Road Traffic Act applies to all vehicles.

Can you visit Copehill down?

Non-combat access to Copehill Down is generally restricted, however the facility has been used for airsoft wargaming and by historical reenactment societies, which take part in private reenactments of battles.

When did Imber village become forbidden?

Villagers were given just 47 days’ notice in 1943 to leave Imber, at which time there were around 152 people living there. They received a letter which instructed them to be out of their homes no later than 17 December 1943. Despite various legal challenges, locals have not been allowed to return to Imber.

Is Imber open this Easter?

The village of Imber was evacuated in 1943 and is still deserted to this day. The church will be open from Good Friday 19th through to Easter Monday 22nd April inclusive. 1100 hours to 1600 hours daily.

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Is Salisbury Plain open to the public?

Access Opportunities There is no general public right of access across the training area. However, a number of public footpaths cross the northern part of the training area. These are accessible at all times (see below).

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