Readers ask: Majora’s Mask How To Get To Goron Village?

How do I get to Snowhead?

Go clockwise around the mountain ramp. There is no need to roll up this ramp. If any snowballs get in your way, just punch them as a Goron, or stand to the side so that you aren’t in their way. At the very top of the ramp, you find the entrance to the Snowhead Temple.

Where do you find the Goron Elder in Majora’s Mask?

Depending on which day Link finds him, he can be found either near the entrance to Goron Village on the First Day, near the ramp in the Twin Islands (the area in Snowhead where two hills are surrounded by water) area on the Second Day, and on the Final Day next to the Owl Statue in Mountain Village.

How do you break the ice in Majora’s Mask?

When you have some hot spring water in a bottle, go back to the path between the Mountain Village and Goron Village (i.e. the area where White Wolfos attack). Go to the far end of the area where there is a chunk of ice on top of a hole. Use your hot spring water to melt that ice.

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How do you learn the Goron Lullaby?

Switch to Goron Link and smash the snowball to reveal an old frozen Goron. Quickly use the warm spring water to thaw him out, and then talk to him. Keep talking to him, as a Goron, and after you mention that his son misses him, he will teach you the first part of the Goron Lullaby.

How do you get the golden sword in Majora’s Mask?

Majora’s Mask To do so, Link must obtain some Gold Dust by winning the Goron Race and have at least twenty-four hours left in the current three-day cycle. When the young hero gives Zubora a Bottle of Gold Dust, Gabora will reforge the Razor Sword into the Gilded Sword for free, taking a full day to complete.

Are there Goron females?

No. There are no female Gorons. As stated in the game itself, the Goron tribe is a male-only tribe that ever existed in the series.

How do I free the Goron Elder?

On a quest to calm the child down, Link finds the ancient Goron Elder frozen at the Twin Islands. Link, as Goron Link, can free him by using Hot Spring Water, but the Elder refuses to acknowledge him, thinking he is an illusion of Darmani III.

How do you do the Goron jump?

By pressing the A-Button to curl, Goron Link can then perform a Goron Pound by pressing the B-button. This will cause Goron Link to jump in the air and slam back to the ground with incredible force.

How do you break the ice in Snowhead?

Getting the Compass Head behind them to find a chest, which contains a Small Key. Exit the room and find the red colored door. Use normal Link to shoot an arrow through the torch to melt the ice.

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What do I feed the Goron Majora’s Mask?

The Cold Goron is a character from Majora’s Mask that sits on a ledge in Mountain Village in the Snowhead region. He dons the Don Gero’s Mask and would do anything to eat a bite of Rock Sirloin.

How do you get Don Gero Mask?

The mask is given to Link by a hungry Goron in the Mountain Village. To acquire the mask, Link must light all the torches lining the wall of the Goron Shrine, using a Deku Stick and before defeating Goht.

Where is the Goron graveyard?

The Goron Graveyard is a location in Majora’s Mask and is the resting place of the Goron hero Darmani, who died in the attempt to lift the curse of snow from Snowhead. It lies in the second region of the game Snowhead, more specifically on a cliff situated to the north of the Mountain Village.

How do I get past the giant Goron in Majora’s Mask?

How To Get Past The Big Goron In Majora’s Mask. First thing you need to do is head to the Goron Village. There is a snowball moving around there that you need to break with your Goron punch. Once you do that talk to the Goron inside and you can then enter the Goron Village.

What does the Elegy of Emptiness do?

The Elegy of Emptiness is used to get into Stone Tower Temple, as well as to solve many puzzles inside.

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