Readers ask: Mount And Blade How To Take A Village?

How do you get a village in Bannerlord?

The easy way to get a settlement, at least comparatively, is to take it. Find one you like, and then set about taking it from whoever owns it. Find the settlement you wish to take over, then raid a nearby village belonging to that kingdom. Go to the village on the map, then select “Take a hostile action”.

How do you take over a castle in Mount and Blade Warband?

Castles are fortifications found all over Calradia, and each one is linked to a nearby village. In order to take control of a castle away from an opposing faction, you must besiege it. Note that you must have a negative relation and at least 10 troops before being given the option.

How long does it take for a looted village to recover?

Looted villages tend to start functioning again in between 10-20 in-game days. This can be loosely monitored by the visual representation of the village on the map. If the village is smoking, it has been recently raided. If it has been looted, but not smoking, it is close to being rebuilt.

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Can you capture a king in Mount and Blade?

Noble Prisoners. Lords or kings can be taken prisoner after their army is defeated if they fail to escape from battle (70% chance to escape in Warband, 80% in With Fire & Sword).

How do you get rich in Bannerlord?

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord: Money – how to earn it? Mount and Blade 2 guide, tips

  1. Hunting for bandits.
  2. Selling slaves.
  3. Looting villages.
  4. Trade.
  5. Completing missions.
  6. Arena fights and participating in tournaments.
  7. Buying a Workshop.
  8. Creating a caravan.

How do I get my first settlement in Bannerlord?

The direct method of getting a settlement in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord involves, as you can probably tell, using brute force to siege it and defeat its defenders. In order to do so, you’ll first need to be at war with another faction. Getting someone to hate you enough is terribly simple, though.

Can you buy castles in Warband?

Castles are found all over Calradia, and each one has a nearby village. In order to take control of a castle, you must besiege it With an enemy castleyou have the option to besiege it and claim it for your own There are other ways for a faction to capture a castle in Warband other than just besieging it.

Can you build a castle in Warband?

To start you will need to create a Construction Site. You do this from your camp action menu. The player is able to build 6 castles in total.

How do you take Grunwalder castle?

Easiest way to capture grunwalder is probably to wait for someone else to capture it. Like sarranids for instance. Once they capture it the garrison will be replaced by the troops of the conquerors who are most likely far worse than rhodok sharpshoooters. Then you swoop in for the kill.

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What happens if you raid a village in Bannerlord?

You can raid both neutral and enemy villages to steal their resources. Once a village has been fully raided, it will take some time for it to recover and become fully operational. You can also recruit villagers for your armies by force, coercing them into becoming part of your forces.

How do you improve villages in Warband?

The following events will raise the prosperity of a village:

  1. A group of farmers from the village returns from its destination.
  2. The player completes an economic quest for the village.
  3. The player purchases items or cattle from the village.
  4. The player builds a mill in the village.

How do you become a vassal in Warband?

The player can become a vassal by swearing an oath to a king or by marrying into the family of one of his vassals. When swearing an oath to a king, the king will bestow upon the vassal a fief, which will be the current poorest village in the faction’s territory.

What can you do with captured nobles Bannerlord?

Now that you have captured some soldiers or bandits, what do you do with them? The simplest way to deal with them is to head to the biggest town nearby. These towns have taverns where you can ransom some or all of the prisoners you have, in exchange for gold.

How do you recruit prisoners faster in Bannerlord?

So, if you want to take more prisoners every time you defeat a bandit army, use blunt weapons. Or even better, try to find units with upgrade trees that have blunt weapons as well. Advanced troops like the Vlandian Sargent will knock out many troops with their mace attack.

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What can you do with noble prisoners Bannerlord?

If you’re in a faction you can talk to factions n members to sell them to faction members. You can also “donate” them to faction friendly dungeons. And if you have hero death enabled in campaign option you can behead them, which gets rid of them for rest of the game.

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