Readers ask: Where To Buy Dickens Village?

Is Department 56 the same as Dickens Village?

Department 56 was founded in 1976 by Edward R. Some of the most popular collectibles released by Department 56 include the Dickens Village and Snowbabies. In 1984, Department 56 released the first pieces of its popular Dickens Village series.

What are the original Dickens Village pieces?

The first Original Snow Village pieces were the Mountain Lodge, Gabled Cottage, the Inn, Country Church, Steepled Church, and Small Chalet, and are made of ceramic. The collection consists of over 225 pieces, including accessories.

Where is the Dickens Village?

4956. We are located at 647 Wheeling Avenue downtown historical Cambridge.

What is Dickens Village?

Open the door to Victorian England which at the time of Charles Dickens was the center of culture for the world and where many traditions we celebrate today took shape. The architecture, customs and history of Victorian England are inherent in the Dickens’ Village Series®.

Is Department 56 made in China?

Most of the manufacturing of Department 56 items is contracted to facilities in Asia—particularly in China, Taiwan, and the Philippines—with occasional imports from India and Europe.

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Are Dept 56 houses hand painted?

Amidst the jovial banter and magical memories, the idea for a lighted Christmas village was born. That spark of an idea became a reality when, in 1976, Department 56 introduced a series of six hand-painted, ceramic buildings. The rest is history.

What scale is Dept 56 Snow Village?

The Dept. 56 version stands 13.5 inches tall, which works out to 1:156.4 scale. It’s a matter of practicality.

Who bought Department 56?

1986: The Heritage Village Collection is extended with the addition of the New England Village and the Alpine Village; Snowbabies line is introduced. 1992: Forstmann Little & Co., a private investment firm, acquires Department 56 for $270 million.

Who makes Snowbaby?

For over 33 years Department 56® artist, Kristi Jensen Pierro has captured the beauty and splendor of winter in her Snowbabies™ designs. Her personal experiences are artfully designed into each Snowbabies piece and carefully named to ensure a sentiment of love, friendship or inspiration.

What Christmas Village is best?

Calling itself the Best Christmas Town in America, Colonial Williamsburg particularly shines at Christmastime. Traditions abound, such as caroling by torchlight, a gun-salute display, and every home in the historic area lighting a candle in their windows—dating back to the days of the Founding Fathers.

How do I start a Christmas village collection?

If you have always dreamed of starting a Christmas Village collection, here are some tips to get started.

  1. Decide on a General Style for the Village.
  2. Decide Which Brand to Collect.
  3. Where to Find Village Pieces.
  4. Don’t Wait Until December.
  5. Accessorizing your Village.
  6. Display Ideas.
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How much are Snowbabies?

The little, bitty one is worth about $50. The three-inch ones are worth in the $200 to $300 range.

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