What Is Village In French?

Is Village feminine in French?

9 – French Nouns Ending in Age Tend to be Masculine A common French masculine ending is “age”, for example le village (village),le garage (garage), le fromage (cheese)…..

How do you say village in other languages?


  1. Bosnian: selo. Bulgarian: Catalan: poble. Cebuano: baryo. Chinese (Simplified): 村 Chinese (Traditional): 村
  2. Indonesian: Desa. Irish: sráidbhaile. Italian: villaggio. Japanese: 村 Javanese: desa. Kannada: ಗ್ರಾಮ
  3. Polish: wioska. Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil): Vila. Punjabi: ਪਿੰਡ Romanian: sat. Russian: Samoan: nuu.

What does rural mean in French?

adjective. [monde, milieu, région] rural. ruraux plural masculine noun. les ruraux country people.

What do you call a villa in France?

“Gite ” is a French word that has gained acceptance in English, notably but not only to describe properties in rural France. A detached house in the leafy suburbs of Nice, or a modern house in a small village, might describe itself as a “villa”, though also be hired out as a “gite”.

What do we call village in English?

noun. a small community or group of houses in a rural area, larger than a hamlet and usually smaller than a town, and sometimes (as in parts of the U.S.) incorporated as a municipality. the inhabitants of such a community collectively. a group of animal dwellings resembling a village: a gopher village.

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What is a feminine noun in French?

All the nouns ending in a double consonant + e are usually feminine. elle, enne, emme, esse, erre, ette… La pelle (shovel), une selle (saddle), la chaussette (the sock), la fillette (the little girl), La tristesse (sadness), la terre (earth), la femme (woman)… An exception is le squelette (the skeleton)

How do you say community in different languages?

In other languages community

  • American English: community /kəmyˈunɪti/
  • Arabic: مُجْتَمَع
  • Brazilian Portuguese: comunidade.
  • Chinese: 社区
  • Croatian: zajednica.
  • Czech: komunita.
  • Danish: lokalsamfund.
  • Dutch: gemeenschap.

How do you say home in different languages?

In other languages:

  • Apache: Chiricahua: kuugha̧ Western: gowąh.
  • Chinese (simplified): 家 (house: 房子)
  • Dutch: huis/thuis.
  • French: maison.
  • German: heim.
  • Greek: σπίτι
  • Hebrew: be-it.
  • Italian: casa.

What is meant by rural life?

The term “rural life” broadly describes the lifestyle of residents of nonurban areas, defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as small towns and country areas with populations less than 2,500.

What are French apartments called?

A pied-à-terre (French pronunciation: ​[pjetaˈtɛʁ], plural: pieds-à-terre; French for “foot on the ground”) is a small living unit, e.g., apartment or condominium, usually located in a large city some distance away from an individual’s primary residence.

What is a JIT in France?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Joint investigation teams (JIT) are law enforcement and judicial teams set up jointly by EU national investigative agencies to handle cross-border crime.

What are the different types of houses in French?

Terms in this set (7)

  • Apartment. Un appartement.
  • farm. une ferme.
  • bungalow. Un pavillon.
  • detached house. Une maison individuelle.
  • semi-tached house. une maison jumelée.
  • Wooden house. Un chalet.
  • Estate. HLM.

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